Cancellations + Refunds

Orders may be cancelled for a full refund within 24 hours of your purchase:

- If your order was placed via paypal, your funds will be returned to you in the same fashion.

- If your order was placed via credit, unfortunately the shopee cannot access customer information to process the refund back to your credit card. Please email with your cashapp information and once the funds have cleared, your funds will be sent back to you via cashapp.

Cancellations for orders AFTER the 24 hour period:

- ONLY store credit is available for orders cancelled after the 24 hour period, as all sales are final. Items must be returned to the shopee before any store credit is applied. 

- Shipping costs will not be covered by the Eryn Amel Shopee. Please email to discuss this process if there are any further questions.

Refund Requests for Shipped Orders:

If a refund is requested after your order has left the studio, a refund is confirmed only after the order has be returned to the Eryn Amel Shopee:

- A refund is ONLY valid if the package is returned to sender unopened, in original packaging, including the original shipping bag and label. 

- Refunds will be denied if there is any evidence of tampering of shipping materials. If there is evidence of tampering your order will be returned back to you.

** All orders may be subject to a restocking fee of 25$.

*** Please Note: Customers assume all responsibility for orders returned to sender.