Sales and Promotion Codes

Sales and Promotional Codes:

Flash Sales are only honored at the time of sale. You are strongly encouraged to follow the shopee ( @Erynamelshopee) on instagram for info on flash sales. Sale Prices will not be honored on older orders. 

Multiple orders could be shipped together for a faster delivery. This is based on stock and inventory. 

 Multiple orders placed the same day will be shipped on a first in first out basis- depending on inventory, they may ship within the same parcel. 

Please be mindful, Eryn Amel Shopee is ran by one person. Orders are processed in the order they come in and depending on availability, will ship in that order.

Sales and Promotional Code Orders, may take up to 8 weeks to ship. These orders are NOT available for any refunds or exchanges or cancelations unless confirmed by Eryn Amel herself via email (ONLY). 

In the event you are honored a refund, refunds will be promised 8 weeks to delivery date.